About Hakka Bakka

Bite into the taste of India and let us leave you flavour struck! Presenting the Kati Roll, an Indian wrap that would wrap around your taste buds and simply refuse to leave. We know you’re thinking chicken tikka masala, the moment we said Indian – ‘Fold’ that thought. What we want to put on your plate is an Indian street food version of the Burrito. Spice it up, spice it down, go vegetarian, go vegan, or choose from our choice of meat, dress your Kati Roll the way you like it. We invite you to sink into the perfect medley of fresh, tangy, sweet and spicy chutneys (sauces) prepared with love, every single day, as we would in our homes in India.

It all started in Kolkata. We missed the charm and chutzpah of the city, but more importantly we missed it for its Kati Rolls. The city was oceans apart but the flavours lingered and our yearning translated to Hakka Bakka in Chicago. Hakka Bakka simply means being awestruck! We wanted you to be flavour struck just like us. We go to great lengths to source ingredients and cook a meal that’s authentic Indian and is devoid of any artificial flavouring or colours.

“Eat This: Burrito lovers,
meet the Kati roll”

– Chicago Tribune

About the Founders

Kaushik Guha started his culinary journey back in school days (in India) when he lived in Kolkata. Whenever he needed a quick snack to satiate himself he would turn to the ubiquitous Kati Roll. Years rolled by and Kaushik moved through various cities in India and the US and finally arrived in Chicago; gathering his gourmet food experiences across continents. Over the years he has been cooking fantastic meals for his family and friends. Simultaneously, he wrapped up an MBA, finished a CPA and worked at EY as an Economic consultant.

The defining moment came when on a trip back to the city of Kolkata, he reconnected with his college sweetheart, Swetha, and now wife, and together they rediscovered their joy for the Kati rolls. Swetha had 8 solid years working in advertising for some of the largest companies in the world. With her wholehearted support, Kaushik quit his day job, and they put together a business plan, developed the recipes and raised capital to finally bring you- The Kati Roll- through Hakka Bakka.

“Hakka Bakka
introduces Kati
Rolls to Chicago”


We strive to be a business with a conscience, especially in a business environment where greed and selfishness seem to be driving forces. We want to give back to the community we live and operate in. Despite being a new business, we have supported several causes that we believe in.

Inspiration Kitchen: Inspiration Corporation helps people who are affected homelessness and poverty to improve their lives and increase self-sufficiency through the provision of social services, employment training and placement, as well as housing.

Apna Ghar: Apna Ghar provides holistic services and conducts advocacy across immigrant communities to end gender violence.

 Zero Percent: Zero Percent is an organization that works to reduce food wastage.

Little Sisters of the Poor (Lincoln Park): Little Sisters of the Poor serve the elderly poor across 30 countries.

We are proud to support the efforts of all the above organizations. Also, Hakka Bakka has made contributions to the causes of several community stablishments such as DePaul University, Oscar Mayer Magnate School, and the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce.