Are you ready to go Hakka Bakka?

Bite into the taste of India and let us leave you flavour struck! Presenting the Kati Roll, an Indian wrap that would wrap around your taste buds and simply refuse to leave.

We know you’re thinking chicken tikka masala, the moment we said Indian – ‘Fold’ that thought. What we want to put on your plate is an Indian street food version of the Burrito.

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What is a Kati Roll?

Kati in Bengali means a stick and back in 1930, when the British were still contemplating to leave India, a popular eatery in Kolkata – Nizam’s Restaurant, skewered meat (Kebab) on bamboo sticks and served them rolled on Parantha (flat Indian bread).

Later the Katis were replaced by iron, but the name skewered through generations. Today, we have vegetarian and meat Kati Rolls served piping hot wrapped with the choicest dressings and chutneys.

Taste that transports you to India/Lovingly wrapped with Indian spices


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